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September releases

As every year in September, the new vintages of Chile, Napa Valley, Tuscany and France are proposed on the ‘Place de Bordeaux’ (bordelese traders). Big names as Opus One, Masseto, Solaia, Colore, Seña, Clos Apalta, Almaviva and the new vintage of Ch. d’Yquem and ‘Hommage à Jacques Perrin’ (Ch. Beaucastel) can be ordered ‘in primeur’. We offer you these wines on our website, from the moment that we know their price. As the offer is very limited, you must be quick! To be sure, you can always follow the list of releases to come (click here).
Delivery of these releases is scheduled for December 2020. If you place your order now, we can offer a 5% discount.
If you really want to be sure and if you want to book in advance, send us your “wish list” at

Bordeaux Primeur 2019

The 2019 harvest yielded very pure and healthy berries. The merlots were very small with a high alcohol potential, while the cabernets were ripe, tasty, fresh and full of soft tannins. It was important to do very slow and soft extractions because of the high tannic potential of the berries, and to ferment the merlots at low temperatures to maintain freshness.
The main mark of 2019 is that all the wines are very fruity, juicy and full of energy, nothing was affected by the summer heat. The wines have a very fine tannin structure, almost silky! While 2018 was almost creamy, the style of 2019 is rather lively, energetic and fresh, combined with concentration. 2019 is a marriage between rich, round merlots because of the hot summer and between fresh, classic cabernet francs and cabernet sauvignons that were grown because of the small showers of end September. Both vintages balanced the whole and gave the wines of 2019 a very exclusive character.
Thanks to the excellent quality, the very good press scores and the sharp price drops (from 20% up to 30% compared to last year, thanks to the Covid crisis) there is a very great interest in this vintage from both investors and wine lovers, who can buy themselves great names of top quality at very low prices (the prices are likely to increase, the vintage is good and the scores are very good)! Don’t wait any longer!

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